The D.F. Plett Historical Research
Foundation, Inc.is a not-for-profit
private charity founded in 1996
to support and promote projects
related to the cultural background,
the migration and settlement,
and descendant communities
of the conservative Mennonites
who came to Manitoba from
Imperial Russia in the 1870s.


News & Events

  • Foundation Expands Fellowship Program

    The Plett Fellowships offered by the Foundation have been expanded to include a Post Doctoral Fellowship. The Post Doctoral Fellowship complements the M.A. and Phd. Fellowships offered by the Foundation for a number of years. The fellowship is available to scholars who have completed their PhD and are working on projects that complement the Foundation’s mandate. See our Fellowships page for details.

  • Indexing of “Die Mennonitische Rundschau” supported by the Plett Foundation

    The Mennonitishe Rundschau (1878 to 2007) was a newspaper that served the Mennonite community in Canada, the United States, and Russia.  For the first many decades it was a non-denominational Mennonite publication and carried information for all members of the Mennonite community, including the Mennonites who arrived in North America in the 1870s.  …More>