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The D.F. Plett Historical Research Foundation, Inc. is a not-for-profit private charity founded in 1996 to support and promote projects related to the cultural background, migration & settlement, and descendant communities of the conservative Mennonites who came to Manitoba from Russia in the 1870s.
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    Preservings Issue No. 47 (Fall 2023)

    When the Russlaender met the Kanadier

    For almost fifty years, more than an ocean separated the Kanadier Mennonites, who immigrated to Canada from imperial Russia in the 1870s, from the Mennonites who stayed behind. As the groups reunited on the Canadian Prairies during the 1920s, with the immigration of the Russlaender, the results were wide-ranging: friendship and animosity, intolerance and understanding. The articles contained in this issue tell the story of these interactions.

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    Conform: The Mennonite Migration to Mexico of the 1920s tells the story of the nearly 8,000 Mennonites who left Manitoba and Saskatchewan for northern Mexico in the 1920s, in the largest mass emigration in Canada’s history.

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    Mennonite History for Young People

    Our 4-volume history series for young people, and accompanying workbooks and materials for teachers, complement social studies curricula in Canada for both public and private schools with Low German Mennonite students.

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