“Mennonite History for Young People” is a new series of education materials published by the D. F. Plett Historical Research Foundation that tells the story of Mennonites who arrived in Manitoba from Russia in the 1870s and migrated to Mexico and Paraguay in the 1920s. The series begins with Leaving Canada, which tells the story of the migration from Canada to Mexico. Upcoming volumes in the series explore the history of the migrations from Russia to Canada and then to places like Belize, Bolivia, Argentina, Kansas, Southern Ontario, and Alberta over the last 75 years.

Mennonite History for Young People

The series has been developed to be an excellent addition to existing Social Studies curricula in Canada for both public and private schools with Low German Mennonite students. It can also serve as a non-fiction reader for Language classes. Each volume is a softcover, 8.5″ x 11″, full-colour, authentic history text, written to engage both students and adults alike, and is written in accessible language at the grade 6 reading level.

Please note that titles in this series are not available as online publications.

Volume 1 - Leaving CanadaDownload Book
Volume 2 - Discovering MexicoDownload Book
Volume 3 - A New HomeDownload Book
Volume 4 - Leaving RussiaDownload Book


These workbooks are meant as a companion piece to the texts, Mennonite History for Young People Volumes 1 - 4. By using a culturally relevant text with our Mennonite students it is hoped that the learners will be more engaged as they see themselves and their culture as respected and valued, reflected within both the historical context and today.
Volume 1 - Leaving CanadaDownload Workbook
Volume 2 - Discovering MexicoDownload Workbook
Volume 3 - A New HomeDownload Workbook
Volume 4 - Leaving RussiaDownload Workbook

Notes To Teachers + Assignments

WHFYP Worksheet-1Download Notes for Teachers
WHFYP Worksheet-2Download Notes to Teachers
WHFYP Worksheet-3Download Notes to Teachers
MHFYP WorksheetsDownload Notes to Teachers
MHFYP Worksheet No. 1Download Assignment
MHFYP Worksheet No. 2Download Assignment
MHFYP Worksheet No. 3Download Assignment
MHFYP Worksheet No. 4Download Assignment
MHFYP Worksheet No. 5Download Assignment
Final Project - 5 Family ProjectsDownload Assignment

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