Archival records preserved with financial support from the Plett Foundation

November 6, 2016
Volunteer Ernie Braun presents on the importance and function of the Waisenamt at the ceremony at MHC to celebrate the arrival of the collection. The archival collection is in 22 boxes in the foreground.

Recently, the archival collection of the Chortitzer Waisenamt was transferred from the Christian Mennonite Conference (formerly the Chortitzer Mennonite Conference) in Steinbach to the Mennonite Heritage Centre Archives (MHC) in Winnipeg.  The collection includes valuable documents like an original of the 1873 agreement made between Mennonites and the Canadian Government (often referred to as the ‘Privilegium’).  A 2015 research grant from the Plett Foundation supported the process of organizing, digitizing, and preparing the archival materials for donation to the MHC.  Congratulations to all the volunteers, guided by staff at the MHC, who spent countless hours preserving this valuable collection and preparing it for its new home at MHC.

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