Book Launch of “Historical Atlas of the East Reserve”

October 9, 2015

Historical Atlas of the East Reserve, edited by Ernest N. Braun and Glen R. Klassen, will be launched on Saturday, October 17, 2015, at 7:00 P.M. at the Chortitz Heritage Church in Randolph, Manitoba.

Grants from the D. F. Plett Historical Research Foundation helped to support the research and publication of this 256-page exploration of the eight townships of the former Mennonite ‘East Reserve’, now known as the R. M. of Hanover, and the Scratching River settlement near Morris, Manitoba. The core of the historical atlas consists of early maps of the East Reserve itself, with a chapter dedicated to each Township.  The East Reserve eventually contained about 60 village place names, which are each explored through new maps, historical photographs, and supporting documentation including original surveys, homesteader information, aerial photographs, village lands and trails, and information on historical sites.  The Historical Atlas of the East Reserve is in a definitive reference volume printed in full colour, in a hardcover, coffee-table book format.

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