Preservings is the Plett Foundation’s main publication and is aimed at a general audience. The magazine is published twice a year. Contributors to the magazine come from a variety of backgrounds and include both academic and non-academic historians. Each issue of Preservings contains a variety of articles focused on a single theme, and other topics related to the Foundation’s mandate, family histories and biographies, and book reviews. The magazine is edited by Aileen Friesen.
Featured image for “Mennonites & Alcohol Preservings Fall/Winter 2021”

Mennonites & Alcohol Preservings Fall/Winter 2021

Did you know that one of Poland’s most famous liqueurs was produced by Danzig Mennonites? Or that in the early…
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Featured image for “Exchanges & Connections Preservings Spring/Summer”

Exchanges & Connections Preservings Spring/Summer

The summer issue of Preservings was recently mailed to subscribers. Titled “Encounters & Connections,” it features stories of crossings of cultural boundaries…
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Featured image for ““Neighbourly Encounters” – Preservings Fall/Winter 2020”

“Neighbourly Encounters” – Preservings Fall/Winter 2020

The image on the cover of the latest issue of Preservings is of St. Nicholas Orthodox Church, whose construction was funded in…
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Featured image for ““Along the Rails & Into the World” – Preservings Summer 2020”

“Along the Rails & Into the World” – Preservings Summer 2020

For the first time in over a decade Preservings magazine has a summer issue. Continuing the theme of Mennonites and railways introduced…
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Featured image for “Preservings 2019 Released”

Preservings 2019 Released

The Plett Foundation is happy to bring you the 2019 issue of Preservings! The theme for this issue is Manitoba Mennonites…
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Featured image for ““Mennonite History for Young People” Series Launched”

“Mennonite History for Young People” Series Launched

On June 16, 2016 author, Rosabel Fast and Executive Director, Hans Werner traveled to Leamington, Ontario to launch Leaving Canada: The…
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Featured image for “2015 Issue of Preservings has Arrived”

2015 Issue of Preservings has Arrived

We are very excited to announce that the 2015 issue of Preservings has arrived, just in time for your Christmas reading!  The issue…
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New Issue of Preservings

Last week the 2009 issue of Preservings was mailed. For those on our Canadian mailing list, you should get your copy in…
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