Khortitsa 99 Committee Grants

September 16, 2009

The Khortitsa 99 committee, consisting of Harvey Dyck, Peter Klassen, Peter Letkeman, John Staples, John B. Toews, Paul Toews, and John J. Friesen has assigned the following grants to researchers in Ukraine and Russia who are working on Mennonite-related projects.

Here are the awards for 2008:

1. Natalie Ostasheva-Venger

Publication subsidy for “Between Congregation, Clan and Russian

Society in the Epoch of Choice: Mennonite Entrepreneurship in the

Context of Russian Modernization, 1789-1920″


2. Andrei (Slavin) SAVIN, Novosibirsk

Senior research grant for a third volume of “Ethnoconfession in the

Soviet State: Mennonites in Siberia in the 1920s and 1930s –

Emigration and Repression”


3. Ella Nikolaevna Stepchenko, Kiev

Dissertation research grant for “The Historiography of the Ethnic

History of German-Speaking Colonists in Southern Ukraine from the Late

Eighteenth to the Early Twentieth Century.”


The 2006-2007 Khortitsa grants were:

Dissertation grants

Chernova, Irina     Ethnography and museology, Omsk State

University    $400

Rempel, Ekaterina   Omsk State University, Omsk State Historical

Museum  400

George Epp Memorial Grants

Dilaram, (Inoyatova) INOVIATOVA   History, TASHKENT STATE (National) University, Tashkent              950

Smirnova, Tatiana    Ethnology and Museology, Omsk State University      950

Senior Research Grants

Beznosova, Oksana   Ukrainian-German history, Dnepropetrovsk

Nat.Univ.   500

Bobyleva, Svetlana  Ukrainian-German history,    DNEPROPETROVSK NATIONAL UNIVERSITY   500

Savin, Andrei       Siberian Section, Russ. Acad. of Sciences

Novosibirsk 500

Publishing Grant-in-aid

Vibe, Petr. P.  Omsk Historical Museum, Omsk Pedagogical

Museum     1500

Submitted by Peter Klassen

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