DFP Publications
Published: 1987
312 pages
ISBN: 0-920035-33-7

The Kleine Gemeinde Historical Series

Vol. 4

Profile of the Mennonite Kleine Gemeinde, 1874

Delbert F. Plett

From the introduction: This work identifies the almost two hundred families of this denomination emigrating from Imperial Russia during the 1870s, and provides related genealogical, socio-economic and historical reference materials. This compilation will allow the descendant of the Kleine Gemeinde or associated Molotschna group to refer to the known sources pertaining to any particular member at the time of emigration.

The personal accounts of various pioneer figures published as chapters 10 to 15 are important primary sources providing first hand information pertaining to the emigration from Czarist Russia and the subsequent pioneer years in North America. These biographical writings have been translated into English and are published here for the first time.

The family studies published as chapters 16 to 23 supplement the genealogical material contained in the previous portions of the book. Almost all descendants of the Kleine Gemeinde, and a good percentage of the Molotschna Mennonites, will be related in some way to one or more of these prominent families whose contribution to the Russian Mennonite experience deserves to be highlighted. Each study traces the Prussian roots of the family and documents its subsequent fortunes in the Molotschna Colony, South Russia, as well as later in Manitoba, Alberta, Kansas, Nebraska, and elsewhere. These family sketches should serve as a starting point for family historians who may wish to undertake more detailed research on their particular ancestors.

A tentative bibliography of genealogical sources is included to enhance access to these materials for genealogists and family historians.