Preservings Issue No. 28, 2008

1920s Migration to Mexico


Our 28th issue of Preservings features the migration to Mexico in the 1920s. Bill Janzen’s presentation to the Low German network meetings in Aylmer, Ontario in 2007 is published here in its full and slightly revised form. Bill retired from his many years of work on behalf of Low German speaking Mennonites and his presentation offers a clear explanation of the issues that led up to the migration and the joys and sorrows that accompanied such a dramatic relocation. The letter from the lawyer, John H. Black is much closer to the actual event. Black visited the Mennonites in Mexico in 1926 and in his letter to the Morden Times he challenges the rumours that the migration is a failure. The Krause photo collection, of which only a sample is reproduced here, is a collection of photographs taken in Mexico in the 1920s, after Mennonites had begun to settle there. To a limited extent we have used modern photo editing technology to enhance them for publication. They offer an interesting visual sense of what the landscape of Chihuahua was like in the 1920s. In contrast Hans Werner’s photos and description of the Manitoba Colony in April 2008 dramatically illustrates how change has come to the Old Colony Mennonites who left Manitoba eighty-five years ago.

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