Preservings Issue No. 29, 2009

Mennonites in Saskatchewan


Saskatchewan is the focus of three of the four feature articles in this issue of Preservings. Allan Guenther offers a thought provoking analysis of the Warman School Inquiry held in that school in 1908. An important participant in that inquiry was Ältester Jacob Wiens, who was the primary spokesman for the Old Colony Church. Leonard Doell’s biography gives us some insight into the person and family of the Saskatchewan leader. Another Old Colony leader present at the Inquiry was Johann P. Wall. Wall was also one of the delegates who went to find a new home for Old Colony Mennonites—ultimately they would migrate to Mexico. In this issue we reprint a tribute to Wall written by Cornelius Krahn upon Wall’s death in 1961. John J. Friesen has provided an introduction, and we are publishing some of Wall’s letters in English for the first time. We have also included some of the poems Wall wrote in their original German. Our final feature is an article by Martina Will de Chaparro, which looks at the Mennonite migration to Mexico from the other side—how it played into Mexican politics.

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