Preservings Issue No. 45, Fall 2022

The 1920s Migration


This issue of Preservings continues the conversation of the 1920s migration of Mennonites from Canada to Latin America. While our spring issue, which published the memoir of Isaak Dyck, portrayed the factors that led to the migration of the Old Colony Mennonites, this one explores the relationships between family, community, and values which shaped and were transformed by the migration. The conflict between Mennonites and the governments of Manitoba and Saskatchewan over control of children’s education was only one of several sets of tensions and animosities that were in play. In many ways, our feature articles address not what happened to Mennonites but rather the dynamic among them as families and communities decided whether their ideals required them to leave. These articles also broaden the story to include the perspectives of the Sommerfelder Mennonites, who moved to Mexico in smaller numbers than the Old Colony but made their own contribution to the fabric of Mennonite life in Latin America. Finally, serious consideration is given to the experiences of those families who returned to Canada, after finding the sacrifice of settling in Mexico and Paraguay too great or the opportunities too few.

EDITOR Aileen Friesen
DESIGNER Anikó Szabó

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