Preservings Issue No. 30, 2010

Anabaptists in Poland-Prussia


Many of the cultural and religious sensibilities we recognize as distinctive for Russian Mennonites come to us from the Polish-Prussian period of Anabaptist history. This issue of Preservings features a number of articles that explore that history. Peter Klassen a long time student of the Polish-Prussian experience leads the feature section with his thoughts on the Polish period of Anabaptism, a period he feels has been sorely neglected by scholars. Preservings co-editor, John J. Friesen reflects on Klassen’s work with his own thoughts on the theological importance of the Polish-Prussian period and the legacy of that experience among Russian Mennonites to this day. Dan Stone, a now retired historian of Poland from the University of Winnipeg adds to our understanding of the context of Mennonites in the Vistula Delta with his overview of the Teutonic Knights who conquered the area in the centuries before Mennonites arrived. In our family history section Walter Epp shares his odyssey of looking for his Prussian heritage and showcases some of the maps that he uncovered in his quest.

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