Preservings Issue No. 33, 2013

Mennonites of Poland/Prussia


The feature articles in this year’s issue take us back to the story of the Mennonite presence in the delta of the Wisła River in present day Poland. We begin with Peter Klassen’s review of the unique context of religious tolerance that attracted primarily Dutch Mennonites to the watery delta. My own article picks up this story, focusing on the landscape and environment that shaped the ancestors of many of us. John Friesen explores how Mennonites had to defend against those who challenged their orthodoxy while Mark Jantzen’s article takes us to a time when many Mennonites had already left for Imperial Russia and Mennonite sensibilities were increasingly in conflict with the sense of what the obligation of citizens were to the state. Finally, we have the stories of two modern-day researchers, Glenn Penner and Roland Sawatzky, who made trips to Poland to uncover and help celebrate the Mennonite experience together with Polish partners.

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